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Now, you can make weekly checks by simply using software to match up buyers with sellers while using none of your own money, credit, or any risk. Quickly learn all of the ins and outs you need to make more deals and make more money with joint ventures. A joint venture is simply an agreement to work together and share in the revenue. And the software makes it almost automatic!

The book tells you:
  • How to be a Real Estate Match Maker
  • How to control property without owning it
  • How to talk with the property owner and get results
  • How to use Option contracts and JV contracts
  • The closing process
  • Finding investors
  • Finding motivated sellers in minutes
  • How to find unlimited deals for investors
  • Finding Hungry Buyers ready to hand over cash
  • How to structure the deal
  • And much more...


I can’t believe how powerful this software is–it’s incredible! I’m already made money using your system and I’ve only had it one week. Thanks, Duncan.                   

Bob. S.


No Gimmicks, No Tricks, No BS

JV Facilitation Profits system and software tells you step-by-step, word-for-word how to go about finding the properties, finding the investors, bringing the two together so that you make money! This is not some ‘pie in the sky’ kind of book and software; this is tried and true, what works based on experience and past history.


The software automates the entire process and takes the drudgery out of trying to match up buyers and sellers. It is almost AUTOMATIC. It tracks your your marketing, your buyers, and your sellers.

Joint ventures are an easy way for you to make money without having to risk any of your own. You never have to apply for a loan or even put up money for a deposit. How about making money without ever having to visit a property? Joint ventures make it all possible, and my software helps you do it almost automatically.

And in the book I cover all aspects of a joint venture including the forms and how to structure the deals. You have everything you need to start, work, and profit from a joint venture. Believe me, I know from experience how easy it is to make money with joint ventures and I share all of my secrets with you.
I have used everything in this book to make money time and time again. And I use the software every single day! I know it works because I work it daily and make money with it all of the time. Every JV deal I do is just one more proof that my system works!

All of the mistakes you’re going to blunder-foot around and make–I’ve already made all of those, plus a few you haven’t even thought of yet. And I learned, and then I wrote it all down–You can’t fail if you just follow my simple system!

You can’t fail if you just follow my simple system!

  • How to deal with landlords and FSBOs
  • How to do deal splits
  • Exact pricing dialogue scripts
  • The ‘How You Will Help’ dialogue
  • How to make money with every call you make
  • How to deal with Property Management companies and Realtors
  • How to get PAID faster by using Virtual Transaction Coordinators
  • All the forms you will need and how to fill them out

I was like a lot of realtors, just treading water, but now I’m making money and having fun doing it. I wish I had known about this years ago, it’s easy.    

Alice M.


I Show You Step-by-Step

Everything you need to know is right here! No more wondering ‘what if’ – I show and tell you the entire insider bag of tricks and techniques. I even walk you through the forms, telling you block by block what goes in it. I have omitted nothing–you will have every last bit of information you can imagine to help you do the deals and get your money immediately.

You can make money within days or even hours using my information!

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Amazingly simple, brilliant system. This is really the easiest , fastest way to make 10 – 20 K every month. I really appreciate everything you have done to help me get my first deal. I know I can do it now myself
- Janet S. Wilhelm - MS

Thank you for your course and software! You are really a hands on teacher. Your sincerity really comes through. I appreciate it the great job you did of making it easy to understand for the beginner
- John Whitehouse - KS